Chiropractic Testimonials

“Not only am I grateful for your excellent care but am more than pleased by the side benefit that has occurred!

When I first saw you in August my back was very sore. You saw me without delay and began a series of treatments that totally eliminated my symptoms. Since this was my first contact with Chiropractic care I did not know what to expect. Your care has exceeded my expectations.

Beyond all of that, the additional benefit was that my blood pressure has returned to normal. At first I thought it was a temporary reduction but at this point, it had remained ‘normal’. I did some online research and found that adjusting C-1 had remarkable benefits in reducing blood pressure.

Thank you again for your outstanding treatment and your dedication to patient care.”

- Alvin B.

“I came to Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition in spring of 2014 after needing higher quality care. After I started with Dr. Andy, I learned about his enzyme nutrition analysis and supplements. I was very interested because of my issues with irritable bowel, gluten intolerance and general digestion issues. To complicate matters, I also had this feeling of something ‘stuck in my throat’ and acid reflux. My medical practitioner also warned me my blood sugar was rising and I was concerned about becoming diabetic.

I decided to go through Dr. Andy’s enzyme testing and he customized a personalized program for me. I saw results within a very short time. More importantly, when my medical practitioner took another blood test, my blood sugar was well within safe normal limits. As a side effect of Dr. Andy’s treatment, I also lost weight and felt more energetic.

I feel very fortunate to have found this program at a convenient location. I would recommend it to anyone with unresolved health issues. It is wonderful to find something that is natural, safe and works.”

- L.C.

“After many years of problems with digestive problems and discomfort I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although I was told that I have IBS, no one had given me any guidance or relief, except to take an OTC powder for bulk in my diet. Because of the severity of my condition, I have been forced to cancel appointments, vacation, and social engagements time and time again (many times at the last minute). Sometimes the episodes were so bad I couldn’t leave the house.

As time went on, they became more frequent and painful. I final consulted a Gastroenterologist who recommended a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy confirmed IBS, but no solution was offered.

During a routine appointment about one week after my colonoscopy, I was talking to Dr. Andy about my IBS. He suggested some reading about the use of enzymes in my diet. I thought about it for a while, asked Dr. Andy many questions about treatment options, and after another VERY painful episode I decided to give enzymes a try. Dr. Andy performed several non-invasive tests, explained how enzymes work in the body, and set up a useful eating regimen for me. He also suggested the all important enzyme capsules to take with my meals.

This has changed my life. I am now confident that I can keep appointments, live an active social life and above all, be pain free again.”

- M.R.

“Simply put, I made an appointment to see Dr. Andy Marrone at Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition because I love life and wanted to live — not just exist in an unhealthy body. I was in and out of Emergency Rooms numerous times with no diagnosis for the last 5 years — 5 visits in 2014! Many times I didn’t think I was going to make it. During those 5 years, a Primary Care doctor had put me on a low salt diet and my digestive system became a nightmare! The lower part of my body felt like it weighed a ton, and my legs became weak. I was nauseated. I developed GERD. I lost weight rapidly. This doctor also took me off of my female hormones (HRT for a hysterectomy) telling me that at my age (65+) I “didn’t need hormones anymore!” For someone who was never depressed before, I soon found myself in a deep state of depression. I saw another doctor who told me to “never let anyone take your hormones away again.” He also told me that doctors don’t have all the answers and that patients have to help themselves. I love research and I’m the curious type so I set out to “help myself” to a healthier life and to get back to the things I love.

So lucky for me, in early 2014, I started reading Dr. Andy’s Wellness Corner articles in a new monthly magazine the Snohomish Influence. I was intrigued by what Dr. Andy said in the written word, but it was also what I read in between the lines that helped tremendously. I could sense here was a doctor who really cared about the patient as a whole person. He could speak our (the patient) language and lay it out there in a truthful and simple form for us to absorb and use. He explained the importance in how and why our bodies use enzymes, minerals and vitamins, etc. in lay terms. His articles addressed the health issues I was going through and desperately looking for answers. I ended up in the ER again in March 2015, unable to drive because of dizziness and weak legs, sleep deprived, and suffering from mal-absorption of the foods I ate. After the new ER doctor on duty heard my story that I’d told many times before, he ordered a CT scan of my whole spine. The results were shocking! The lumbar region was very crooked! My first question? Did a crooked spine have anything to do with my out-of-order digestive system? Upon seeing the CT scan, I knew it was time to see Dr. Andy at Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition. With his spinal adjustments, massages, core strength Yoga exercises, and dietary changes with enzyme therapy, I can now drive again and I’m getting much more sleep. I have no more nausea, dizziness or weakness. I can clean my own home, do my own gardening, and even enjoy my music with a new piano. Dr. Andy has been an answer to my prayers.”

- E.G.

“My name is CJ Marsh. I am a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, and professional MMA fighter. I have worked with many different people on improving my skills and fitness to help reach my top potential. Working with Dr. Andy Marrone has definitely set me on that path. His chiropractic work has helped my body function more efficiently, and I have seen phenomenal gains, not just in my athletic career but in my own personal well being because of his assistance. I would recommend his services to anyone young or old, athletic or sedentary, you will see results and improvement.”

- CJ M.

“My experience has been fantastic. Dr. Andy has helped my dramatically and has given me so much relief that I notice a huge difference when I am carrying out my daily activities. Additionally, he is a fountain of knowledge. Not only is he downright hilarious to be around, but also very serious when he needs to be. He is very passionate about what he does and does it exceptionally well!”

- Alycia R.

“Even though I am young and active, I have had neck, back & pelvic issues. I have been under chiropractic care for about a month now and I can already feel that my life has changed for the better. Not only have I started walking, sitting and sleeping better, but my life style has also changed for the better. Thank you very much Dr. Andy, and Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition Staff!”

- William G.

“I started coming to Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition after years of neck issues. Dr. Andy had me on a fairly rigorous schedule of appointments. He then tapered me down as my health/body improved. WORTH EVERY EFFORT! For the first time in years I feel agile and well. I even have feeling back in all my toes, which felt partially numb for years. Dr. Andy and his team are caring, friendly and trustworthy. I love going in for appointments and will always include Dr. Andy’s Chiropractic car in my routine wellness plan. I also recently had a massage with Navdeep and it was AMAZING. Dr. and and Navdeep go together as well as peanut butter and jelly! I am so lucky to have found such great care! And Jenny? Organized, thorough and friendly. A wonderful welcome to an always exciting appointment!”

- Lisa M.

“I sought help because I had constant pain in my neck and had limited motion. I was in severe pain even during sleep; waking me up at night. Dr. Andy’s adjustments provided immediate relief and each visit has produced more improvement. I can function much better than I have in years.”

- Miguel R.

“My first meeting with Dr. Andy was not face to face – for the simple fact that I could not stand up at all & could only lay on my stomach. Instead of immediately treating me, Dr. Andy sent me for an MRI to better understand the situation. After only a handful of visits I was able to stand and walk on my own again. With follow up care I’m feeling more and more like myself!”

- Chelsea D.

“I walked in on a whim in pain, limping & hunched over. Dr. Andy took me in right away seeing my obvious need. I started feeling better from the first adjustment. Dr. Andy set up a recovery and financial plan that put me on a healing fast track with a monthly payment I could afford. Dr. Andy takes a whole-health approach to Chiropractic care and is a skilled and wonderful man. I will refer my friends and family to Dr. Andy at Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition.”

- Jason S.

“This is a great place to go. I can definitely see an improvement and an end. This is not a place where you get discouraged because you have to keep going and going and going on a frequent basis. The atmosphere is always pleasant, and if you have any questions, the doctor and staff are always glad to answer them.”

- Jean B.

“In my teen years I was a scratch golfer. But, over the past 15 years, that slowly slipped away… most of which was from physical limitations due to my back. A bad lower back caused major issues in my golf swing, and the pain kept me from playing and practicing as much as I wanted to. The game I once loved so much became a chore as I couldn’t get through a round of golf without taking pain-killers multiple times throughout the day. Frustrated and devastated, I almost gave up on golf, for good.

My wife had good success being treated by Dr. Andy, and after watching me sulk about not playing golf she talked me into going to see him for an examination. He put me on an adjustment schedule and stressed to me how important it was to do the stretches and exercises that he tailored for my specific needs. I was skeptical at first, but knew I had nothing to lose and listened to his every word.

It’s been less than a year, and I’ve dropped from almost a 10 handicap, back down to a 2, and trending lower. I can golf, sleep and walk the dog without pain again and I feel like I’ve gotten a second chance at life as a golf addict. I play or practice 3-4 times per week, and almost always completely pain free. Without the help of Dr. Andy, I wouldn’t be able to feed my hungry passion for golf like I can again now.”

- Jamie M.

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