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It’s Monday Morning. You wake up with ultra-severe pressure and stabbing in your head. It feels like someone is pushing needles into your skull, and maybe even your neck. Outside, A siren rolls by. OUCH! That was excruciating. Your spouse opens the blinds. In fact, it’s like someone hit you in the head with a sledgehammer. Not again! Calling in sick again. Your spouse has to drop off and pick up the kids. We’re doing take-out for dinner again. Dang, it! Have to cancel Dance class AGAIN. You’re stuck in bed for at least the remainder of the day. Who knows how many days it will last this time? A Snohomish chiropractor can help.

The Common Medical Approach in Snohomish

Chronic Migraines and Migraine Headaches: Does this sound like you or a loved one? Unfortunately, about one in four Americans like you suffer from chronic migraines (Migraine Research Foundation). It’s important to realize that chronic migraine is not just a headache. Instead, it can be a combination of neurological problems. Because the symptoms are so severe, many migraine sufferers turn to medication for relief. While medication does have its place, most migraine medications only treat the symptoms. Additionally, they have some serious side effects. These include blindness, nerve pain, nightmares, numbness, bleeding, weakness, and even headaches!

Our Approach to a Healthier You

When dealing with head and vascular health, it’s important to find and address the actual source of stress. In fact, there are many things out there that can trigger migraines. Additionally, some migraines have to do with stressed organs not working properly. Meanwhile, others have to do with outside triggers. Furthermore, others yet are due to mechanical stress such as sitting at the computer too long. Rather than treating the symptoms, we strive to locate the source of stress. Then we eliminate external triggers and help stressed organs and systems work properly. So no, we don’t treat migraines and migraine headaches. What we do is help your body work the way it’s supposed to without drugs or surgery. We accomplish this through enzyme nutrition and structural correction through chiropractic and home exercise care. Of course, we only use scientific tests that are based on sound medical principles.

Do you suffer from chronic migraines? Or perhaps maybe a dear friend or family member does. Does it seriously impact your work, hobbies, and family life? If so, don’t wait. Give us a call and set up a consultation. We will take the time to sit down and talk with you about your problems and how it affects your life. We can even do some preliminary testing. Then we will discuss treatment options in a friendly, understanding environment.

A promise to our patients

If you decide to call us and set up a consultation, we will provide direct, personal attention in a peaceful and unrushed atmosphere. We are dedicated to helping you reclaim your healthy lifestyle without harmful drugs or surgery.

For more information, please contact us at (360) 863-3949.

*Enzyme nutrition helps the body function properly—it’s not used to diagnose or treat disease.

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