Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia in Snohomish

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Chronic Pain can limit your life in Snohomish

In fact, it can prevent you from working, playing, spending time with your family, and enjoying your favorite past times. As if the pain were enough, it often comes with severe headaches, brain fog, digestive problems, and many other symptoms. Sadly, drugs have a poor track record for dealing with this painful ailment.

Medicine May Not Help

And while there is medication out there, the most recent research proves it doesn’t work at all. Furthermore, in 2013 the National Pain Foundation conducted a study on fibromyalgia medication. According to this breakthrough research, over two-thirds of chronic pain patients said their medication didn’t work at all. And sadly, these meds are only for symptom relief. To make matters worse, the pain often comes with other problems. Additionally, pain drugs were never intended for long-term use. In fact, research shows there are two major problems with the long-term use of pain meds. First, they lose their effectiveness over time. Second, they can cause heart problems and become addictive. Many sufferers of chronic pain also experience fatigue, joint pain, poor digestion, sleeplessness, depression, and “brain fog.” We, at Snohomish Chiropractic & Nutrition in Snohomish, can help.

Chiropractic Shows Promise

Fortunately, there is tons of research showing chiropractic is very effective for chronic pain sufferers. In fat research sites contain multiple studies showing this. In fact, here’s one from the Journal of Manipulative Therapy. Additionally, our office has a strong track record with chronic pain cases, and here’s why:

A Combined Approach is the Key

Snohomish Ridge Nutrition & Chiropractic offers a safe, natural, and effective approach. We use a unique combination of traditional or low force chiropractic care, home exercises, enzyme nutrition*, and massage therapy. This combined approach addresses both chemical and physical stress. And this is vital since either can cause chronic pain and inflammation. In fact, if you decide to visit our office, the first thing we will do is sit down with you and talk. The purpose is to find out the severity of your problem, and how it limits your life. Specifically, how it affects your work, family, and playtime. Then we will perform a detailed examination to uncover the cause of your suffering.

Call us for a Consult

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are you missing out on work family or fun? This can be a sign of a serious condition. Please don’t wait. Give us a call and set up a consultation. I will personally sit down with you and talk about your suffering and how it affects your life. Then we can schedule a thorough examination. At that time I’ll order or examine any images and perform a thorough examination so we can discover the cause of your suffering. After that, we can either put the best plan in place or provide you with the right referral.

A promise to our patients

Direct, personal attention in an unrushed atmosphere are just a couple of the qualities you’ll experience at Snohomish Ridge Nutrition & Chiropractic. We are completely dedicated to helping our patients return to the activities and quality of life they’re missing—without dependency on highly habit-forming pain medication.

For more information about treatments, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (360) 863-3949.

*Enzyme nutrition helps the body maintain health—it’s not used to diagnose or treat disease.

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